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“I invite you to experience
the benefits of my practical and
innovative techniques.”

- Brenda L. Hill

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you through life's challenges

to reach true success.

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your dreams to reap a harvest

that is richly blessed.

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your passion with purpose to live out

God's destiny for your life.

Give Birth to your True Self while Balancing Life’s Demands

Affectionately called the Vision Surrogate™ Brenda L. Hill invites you to experience the benefits of her practical and innovative techniques, as she assists you in drafting and constructing your purposed or envisioned life.

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In her new book, Pregnant with a Vision of Life’s Purpose, Brenda L Hill shares her relationship with God and how she became pregnant and gave birth to a vision of purpose—the God within. The nine months are represented by the twenty-eight years of experiences and insights from the masters in her life and were laced with mercy, grace, and understanding. The three trimesters define the development of her mind, body, and the spirit.


Brenda L Hill understands the importance of birthing your dreams into a reality. As a vision surrogate, she will take you through the vital steps to discovering your true destiny while aligning your earthly gift to your spiritual calling.


Brenmar Farms believes that diversity of crops creates a more sustainable farming ecosystem, while greater biological variety provides a healthier diet for  consumers. We believe a healthy body is inseparable from a healthy soil.


As president of MARS Contractors, Inc., Brenda is responsible for the daily administration of the business. She is a self-motivated team leader and possesses a superior, practical & technical knowledge of construction and its concepts.


Not only is Brenda a true friend, but her drive to success at everything she does is infectious. Working with her has impacted my life for the better!!! Her wisdom is truly a gift from God.

Vanessa Bell-ArmstrongGospel Singer

Brenda Riggins is a dynamic Life Coach and speaker. She has influenced my life and many other women to get off the couch and dream again with an action plan. It works!

Pastor Deborah Jacobs

Thank you so very much for your kindness on Saturday. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Brenda, your selflessness is so honorable. Thanks for letting me share in it.

A. Fincher

I found this event to be really wonderful.  All of the speakers very informative….I’m looking forward to the next session.

Isabella Rivers

Brenda, Saturday March 1st was a wonderful day! It was such a delightful experience to be pampered,  inspired,  and educated in one beautiful environment.

Linda McIntyre-Swift


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