“In my search for God I have stood on the seven continents, sailed the seven seas, visited Seven Wonders of the World and met transcendent people like Maya Angelou, Oprah, Pope John Paul the Second and President Clinton,” muses Miami life coach Brenda Hill-Riggins. “I continually experience God in the faces of people, as well as in the power and beauty of nature.”

A mother of three who has nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, there’s not much Hill-Riggins hasn’t done or seen over the course of a 55 year journey that’s been part bad dream, part uplifting fairytale. Brenda – married at sixteen, been kicked out of high school, divorced welfare mom, ultra-successful owner of a construction company and even a blueberry farmer. Brenda is now living the Life she has always wanted.

All of these experiences proved to be part of the foundation of her calling. Hill-Riggins, who’s written an autobiographical book titled “Pregnant With a Vision,” feels the Creator put her here to show others how to maximize their potential, something she’s accomplished with admirable verve. “I love being an author, speaker and a certified life/vision coach,” Hill-Riggins says. “Being able to help people live a more purposeful life is what allows me to live life on purpose.” Someone who’s received training from Oprah Winfrey’s life coach expert, Dr. Martha Beck, Hill-Riggins is soon launching a reality television show that will enable her to share her gift with more people.

The “Game of Virtue,” is based on the idea of ethics, values and morals: the determination of rules and conduct in society as deemed appropriate or correct in the views of the population at large. It is both a setting for serious conversation on values and morals and a game show with two threads running through it: one is the weekly competition between players who are given a scenario and must make a decision which they will be judged on the correct answer. The correct answer will either move the player/team forward or backwards; King Lemuel has the last say so; Hill-Riggins explains enthusiastically. “Naturally, I will be teaching participants on the “Game of Virtue” how to become more virtuous, as well as how to purge their lives of self-destructive tendencies and habits. “But the most powerful piece of ammunition anyone can add to their arsenal is an understanding ofspiritual transformation,” she says. “Master that and you basically become an unstoppable force of nature.”