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Welcome to Brenmar Farms, purchased November 2007 in Millville New Jersey. Brenmar Farms is in the process of becoming a certified organic vegetable farm, Marcus and Brenda Riggins have plans to grow the farm to a thousand acres in two locations.

The Riggins mission/goal is to provide fresh, local, produce of excellent quality all year long. true a Community Supported Agriculture { CSA} is where you will become a partner of our farm for the season, Our seasons for many of the crops will be extended with to incorporate High Seasonal Tunnel and technology. We use innovative methods and processes for cultivating produce, such as nurturing tomatoes and herbs in our Seasonal High Tunnel in the winter, which dramatically extends their availability into the cooler months. This gives us timely arrivals of seasonal products with extended growth terms.

We at Brenmar Farms believe that diversity of crops creates a more sustainable farming ecosystem, while greater biological variety provides a healthier diet for our consumers. Our fertilizer program includes composting, cover cropping and major and minor natural mineral additions that provide mineral and microbiological enhancement to the crops while providing you with tastier produce and better shelf life. We harvest daily to provide the freshest produce for your table, restaurants and wholesalers with the finest produce.

From our family to yours, we invite you to enjoy our gorgeous home-grown vegetables also available through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. As grateful business owners we strive to be good stewards of the land by maintaining and enhancing soil, water and air quality through sustainable farming practices.

We believe a healthy body is inseparable from a healthy soil. In order to be a healthy economically viable farm, it is important to have both a diversity of crops, and a diversity of markets.

Brenmar Farms is now raising fish and shrimp! View our brochure Click Here