MARS exists to help communities in the Miami, Florida and Millville, New Jersey receive economic prosperity, job training, and community education – the highest possible quality of life before or after the devastation of hurricanes like Katrina. It is our mission to help others live more amply with greater vision and with spirit of hope and achievement.

we_logoFounded in partnership with MARS Contractors, Inc, Mars CDC brings extensive insight as community leaders, public relations and social services’ trainers, by implementing programs and services fashioned to the rebuilding of the lives of residents and businesses.

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Building homes:

Develop a Master Plan for Neighborhood Revitalization to include tax incentives, investment opportunities, and real job creation.
Target existing commercial enterprises for assistance
Promote new commercial ventures
Building lives

New Initiatives:

Summer Feeding Program.
Working with Brenmar Farms to construct various farmer markets.
Caring for the environment
Health – Take Care of Your Health – Mental Health Initiative
Health – Individual Restoration Agency
Summer Youth Program

It is our commitment to provide higher quality construction, better social-service customer assistance, safer and healthier residential housing, more attractive commercial real estate developments and much more.