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Welcome to Brenda’s “One, Two, Three Breathe” steps to birthing your life’s purpose.

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

If you’re looking for manageable, effective and achievable tips to assist you in birthing your life’s purpose, dreams and goals, then join in with me and “one, two, three….breathe. My brand new newsletter, Brenda’s One, Two, Three Breathe’ will be covering all things related to my role as a Vision Surrogate assisting you in birthing your life’s purpose. What is a Vision Surrogate you ask? Well that’s easy, simply put, “your Midwife’. I am here to assist you in understanding, planning and setting goals in achieving your life’s purpose. You’ll also notice that is undergoing some exciting improvements. My team has already modernized the look and feel of the overall website, and is now working on special features to make navigating our site more exciting. Daily birthing tips, quotes and inspirational literature will be easier to print, and share via Twitter, Linked-In, and Facebook. Clips of my most recent speaking segments will be available right on the homepage for you to watch at your own convenience. Links to purchase my published books and motivational products will also be available. We are also extremely excited about our newest addition of “EBooks”. Coming soon, I will be conducting live web chats, where you can get real-time answers to your personal questions, share triumphs and troubleshoot setbacks. I am passionate about helping people birth their life’s purpose—and feel truly honored to have you as part of my community. You could have chosen any other blog, but you chose me and for that I am truly grateful.
Here’s to a safe and happy delivery!

Warmest regards,
Brenda L. Hill